Thursday, March 14, 2013

OOTD : Blue Gossip

This month is the busiest month ever for me. Family Events, Graduation Stuffs, Graduation shopping and some "Friendly Date" hehe
For this outfit post, I should say that is sooo epic! Very Epic Failed! Why? Because my accessories (Lips Necklace) are not visible. Due to my OOTD Title you are trying to figure out some gossip thing besides from some magazine but I just want to showcase my Lips Necklace that symbolizes gossip but unfortunately it's not visible :(

Well, Enough for some explanation. :)
Click more to see my whole outfit! 

 Stripes Tank Tops - Chemistry
Lip Necklace - Chemistry
Blue Bracelet - Chemistry
Aviator - Ray-ban 
Blue Shorts - Mogao
Darwin Boots - Milanos

Right now we are all experiencing our bipolar weather. It's summer already but sometimes it will rain very hard then back to it's sunny weather again. Crazy weather should I say. 
Wearing my Tank tops with my white 3/4 is such a bipolar too right? haha

Did you see my Lips Necklace? I just want to insist it! Please notice it! Just kidding :)  HAHA 

Your Prince Are


  1. ang ganda ng background puro magazines! napaka creative lang! hahaha
    btw love the tank and shorts :)

    Michael Macalos

  2. The backround is amazing also i love your outfit!