Saturday, March 2, 2013

DIY : Dye Polo with Studs

Hi guys! :) this is my another DIY project (same as my other tutorial but right now I used my polo
I actually used this polo several times. It actually helps me to look clean and neat all the time.

Only half of the polo will be dip in dye so that the rest will remain it’s color. 

Boil hot water and add the dye in a bucket.To get the best, fastest results possible.

Dip the polo in the colored hot water. 

To create a darker effect.Dip the polo for about 5-10 minutes.

Once you’re satisfied with the color effect. Remove the polo from the mixture and rinse in cold running water until water runs almost clear. Untied  the rubber bands (Be careful in removing the plastic because dye parts might bleed that can cause to ruin the lower part).

Dry the shirt and prepare the studs. One by one push the studs onto the polo! Push the metals down to secure the studs!

NOTE: It might hurt you. 

“Here’s the finished product hope you like it” :)

Feel free to ask any questions about my DIY Project! :)

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  1. where can i buy venus dye?

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