Saturday, March 2, 2013

DIY : Dye T-Shirt with Studs

Hey guys! This is my another DIY tutorial. if you haven’t seen it yet (My first tutorial) click Here. Hope you like it!

I decided to create a new stylish look on my plain white v-neck shirt.

Sorry guys my camera is not in the mood today! HAHA

Materials Needed: 

Venus Dye (I decided to used this brown dye) It’s very affordable! You can buy this dye at your favorite National Bookstores nationwide for only 5php. (I feel promoting stuff right now LOl) 


Studs. I bought this for only 2php (per piece) There are many studs design to choose from but I end up picking this square/diamond studs (I don’t know what is the right term for that) and the stars studs.

Always remember this guys!  the first thing you need is a great place where you can focus solely on your workand a pair of gloves in case you have a sensitive skin.
Let’s Start :)

I decided to create a twists. Only half of the shirt will be dip in dye and the rest will remain it’s color. 

Boil hot water and add the dye in a bucket.To get the best, fastest results possible.

Dip the shirt in the colored hot water. 

To create a darker effect.Dip the shirt for about 5-10 minutes.

Once you’re satisfied with the color effect. Remove the T-shirt from the mixture and rinse in cold running water until water runs almost clear. Untied  the rubber bands (Be careful in removing the plastic because dye parts might bleed that can cause to ruin the lower part).

Dry the shirt and prepare the studs. One by one push the studs onto the shirts! Push the metals down to secure the studs! It might hurt you. 

It’s your shirt! design it what you want! I decided to put the studs in the sleeves area. 

“Here’s the finished product and I’m really happy to had one.”
keep on reading my blog :) I might throw another DIY tutorials for girls next time!

* starts drum rolling * Tenen! This is it guys! Hope you like my DIY :) 

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  1. Where did you bought the studs for only 2 pesos? btw like ur style :)