Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY : For Girls

 hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted some DIY for all of you. And right now I will throw some DIY for girls.

My DIY for today is from pants to shorts! Yes very mainstream but I actually put some design to create a stunning one. Hope you like it girls :)

My Tutorial consists of three parts! 

 Make sure you will use your old jeans for this DIY ;) It’s more appropriate.

Always remember this girls!  the first thing you need is a great place where you can focus solely on your work and a pair of gloves in case you have a sensitive skin.

First Tutorial: Rolled-up Shorts 
First step is to wear the pants. Put a mark by which you feels good to wear it, but you need to go a little bit longer because you will roll the end part. Take off the pants and lay it and cut it.

Fold each leg in half to match the opposite sides and mark.  Repeat for the other side. Roll-up the end part of the shorts and you could sew along the outside/inside seams if you want.

This is it “Rolled-up shorts”. I suggest that you should use a pants with good design for this tutorial. It totally helps.

Second (My favorite) tutorial : Acid Wash Shorts.

This is the next shorts! Read the above instructions on how you will cut perfectly the pants.

To give a few twists, wrap the rubber bands in the jeans. The effect can be controlled by the number of rubber bands tied in the jeans. But right now, I will use the Ombre effect! 

Take a clean bucket add water and a bleaching agent. Soak your jeans for about 1 1/2 hours. The longer you soak the fabric the good the effect. 

If you are satisfy with the effect untied the jeans, wash and dry as you normally do.

Yes! the shorts I used to soak is different. I’m sorry because I want to achieve the ombre effect. So I used the darker shorts instead of the above shorts here. 

Third Tutorial: Tattered Shorts

This is very tricky as you need to carefully rip almost every inch and every part. 

This is the Final Look :) Tattered/Ripped Shorts 

Your Prince Are

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