Saturday, March 2, 2013

OOTD : Defense

After a week full of stress, sleepless nights and so much cramming. Hello First defense! *throws confetti* :) This is what I wore during our first defense. 

I decided to use my button down shirt with patch together with my black pants. 

I used my stud bracelets and belts to complete this look. I want to look presentable with the touch of being informal. Sounds weird right? but I guess this is what It turns out. Look at my pants guys I put some studs on it. Hope you like it! :)

I’m so happy and proud because our feasibility study is the most luxuriousmost risk taking and 3rd best feasibility in our class.

Sorry for the quality of photos. I don’t have time to pose because I’m a lil nervous to face the panelist that time.
I’am wearing a violet long sleeves match with my dark violet ties and creamy pleated pants.

 I don’t want to wear blazer that time because it’s get me stinky and wet (because we are all assigned in the hallway to wait) and of course no one likes it especially when you are about to face important audience. Physical appearances is very important. 

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